4 Tips for Job-Seeking in a Post-Coronavirus Era

The job market, like pretty much every other aspect of our lives, is unlikely to ever be the same now that the coronavirus outbreak has struck. The Tower Group team understand that the way we look for jobs is changing as a result, and you need to adapt to the new environment if you’re going to be successful as a job seeker.

4 Ways to Maximise this Time & Advance Your Career

Keep reading our blog as reveal four job seeking tips to help you find your dream position in the post-coronavirus era.

Tip #1: Get Comfortable with Networking Online

There probably won’t be any networking events for quite some time, so you’re going to have to learn to expand your professional network in the virtual space. Reach out to people on Facebook and LinkedIn and join groups related to your profession on both platforms. Be sure to make yourself visible – join the conversations, post and comment, find ways to put your skills and experience on display.


Tip #2: Use the Opportunity to Research the Company Culture

The Coronavirus outbreak gives you an opportunity to learn more about your target employer than you would under normal circumstances. For example, you can find out how they are treating their staff during the outbreak and the resulting lockdown. Are they caring for their staff? Are they making every effort to continue operations remotely? Are they observing the labour rules that apply to lockdown? Find answers to these questions and you’ll get a very good feel for the company culture and determine for sure whether this is a company you really want to work for.

Tip #3: Use the Time to Think & Choose Carefully

Under normal job market conditions, everybody tends to just throw out their net and then try and bag the best opportunity that comes their way. When the market is slow, as it is likely to be for a while, you have the opportunity to think hard about your career and where you want to be. You can carefully consider each advertised post and think whether it’s really one you won’t spend time and effort applying for. You can be selective and focused, saving your energy only for the jobs that will really serve you and your career.

Tip #4: Upskill Yourself

The coronavirus lull offers a perfect opportunity to further your education and expand your skillset. Think about the areas in your professional life where you could use improvement. You could be one short course away from a major career upgrade. Register for an online course or two and take your career to the next level.

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