5 Reasons to Choose Tower Group as Your Recruitment Agency

Here at Tower Group, we strive to orchestrate successful, lasting client-organisation relationships and make the job-hunting/recruitment process as easy as possible for you. There are numerous benefits of Tower Group managed services, which is why we want to help make your life as simple as possible and share a few of the benefits.

Why Choose Tower Group as Your Recruitment Agency?

We not only make your life easier by finding you the perfect client-organisation match, we even compiled a list for this blog of the top 5 reasons why you should choose Tower Group as your recruitment agency.

1. Tower Group is Commitment to Customer Service

At Tower group, we are deeply committed to delivering only the best customer service to our clients that not only meet your needs as a customer but surpass them. All our staff members conduct themselves around the highest standards and values, with customer satisfaction always being one of our primary priorities. Using our customer’s valuable feedback to ensure we are continually measuring and bettering ourselves as a service provider, we are able to provide the services you want and constantly better ourselves as an organisation

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2. Tower Group has a Client Service Charter

To ensure that only the highest standards of excellence are adhered to by all employees, Tower Group introduced their Client Service Charter which is to be upheld by our employees at all times. This service charter ensures that excellence is achieved in all our dealings with clients, forming long term relationships built on factors, such as trust and professionalism, and ensure client satisfaction and a good client-business relationship.

3. Tower Group are Head-Hunting & Executive Placement Speciliasts

With our experienced and well-trained head-hunters at Tower Group, we can guarantee that only the most talented, well-suited and appropriate candidates will be available for recruitment for your business. Tower Group head-hunters are very particular when it comes to finding your business the ideal candidates and ensure that only candidates that are deemed suitable for your team and recommended. These mentioned candidates are among the best in the country at what they do, with proven track records and references, and are selected with the aim to improve your business.

4. Tower Group offers Endless Opportunities

For those using our platform to seek employment and placement in an organisation, our job portal is an amazing source of new career opportunities for you. By simply uploading your CV onto the Tower Group database you are opening yourself up to exciting new career opportunities. Your profile is now available to all Tower Group consultants and clients seeking employees who have the qualifications they are looking for- you could be one of them. By creating a profile, you are opening yourself up to new career opportunities and potentially joining the organisation of your dreams

5. Tower Group Can Find an Employee for Every Position

Whether you’re a business seeking to recruit new staff members or you’re an individual looking for placement in an organisation, Tower Group cover all areas of employment opportunities and professions. From Accounting and financial, personal assistants, secretarial, contact centre specialists, IT and engineering staff and payroll services, Tower group offers great opportunities for employees and business owners alike; you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Contact Tower Group Recruitment To Discuss Your Needs Today

Don’t waste another second- contact us today and let us know how we can help you with finding the ideal new employee for your business or place you in your dream position. Tower Group thrive on making successful client-organisation matches- will you be our next?

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