5 Rules of your Day

  1. Have at least one success in your day, however small. And the earlier in your day, the better as it provides you with a much-needed energy boost for the day. And, a success could be as small as making a telephone call you have been putting off.
  2. Going it alone is much harder than getting support. Team support makes any task easier and makes tough days more bearable. Even leaders need support to make their leadership more effective. Ask for support rather than going it alone.
  3. Learn at least one new thing per day. Even if it that adult Mayflies live for only about 24 hours. Learning keeps your mind agile and an agile mind is much better at coping with challenges. No matter how long you have been in your current role, learn something new each day. Reading is a great way to learn. Try to not only learn a “fact: each day, but, also something that will let you grow in your role.
  4. When a challenge hits you, don’t panic. Pause, focus and break the challenge into smaller elements, where possible. Can your team possibly assist? By dealing with challenges through focus and determination, you can often overcome great challenges.
  5. Life is not fair. Accept it. Expect it. This is not some cynical take on life, experience teaches us that lesson. Knowing this better prepares you for those inevitable challenges that come our way. That makes you less likely to accept failure as an option.
  6. Bonus Rule. You will always be a work in progress to a better you. If you are prepared to work daily at being a better you, then you will grow as a person.