5 Things to Look for in a Placement Partner

Most people are well aware that your search for a great position at a respected and prestigious company isn’t without its stresses, disappointments, and frustrations. Even using a recruitment advisor or placement partner like Tower Group, you’re still going to face stiff opposition for the best positions in the market, and you’re certainly going to experience some surprising rejections that give your ego a little knock.

Qualities You Need from Your Placement Partner

There to pick up the pieces, to some extent, is your placement partner – and finding the best match for you is an important step to making the job search more bearable. Here’s what to look out for.

1. They Pay Attention

Possibly the fundamental skill you want to see in your placement partner is an attentiveness to your wants, needs, and skills set. You want them to recall all you’ve told them, and to work with all the information you’ve provided them, in order for them to find you the very best kind of job. You’ll know they’re working with other people, but it’s still a responsibility of theirs to respect and remember each case. Ensure your partner is attentive in order to avoid frustration down the line.

2. They Are Ambitious

One of the top qualities of a good placement partner is that they’re as ambitious for you as you are for yourself. They are truly invested in your wellbeing and satisfaction in the job, and they will not rest until they’ve opened doors for you, which you wouldn’t have been able to access alone. These most driven, excited, and loyal partners are the ones to look out for – they’ll fight for your future and won’t rest until they’re satisfied.

3. They Are Personable

As you’re going to be spending some time talking, sometimes at length, with your placement partner, it’s often advisable to find someone with whom you feel comfortable and content – and positive about the quality of your interactions. To this extent, your ideal placement partner will chat with you about how you’re feeling as much as how you’re doing with work responsibilities. They’ll care about your overall holistic wellbeing, and they might even become a friend.

4. They Are Punctual

It’s a minor point, but it’s important for keeping both of you in a relationship of faith and trust: make sure your meetings and phone calls are kept to your pre-arranged schedules. Nothing screams unprofessionalism more than a thirty-minute delay for a meeting, and this lack of professionalism can also translate as a lack of investment in your future. Look out for punctuality and professionalism, so you know you’ve got the right individual representing you.

5. They Give You Updates

Finally, a placement partner will know full-well what it’s like to look for jobs, and how it can sometimes leave you feeling deflated and hopeless. As such, the most attentive, professional, and caring partners will keep you updated with their work, keeping you in the loop about all developments on their end of the process. It’ll give you the peace of mind that your case is being worked on doggedly day-in and day-out.

Tower Group has the Winning Placement Formula

At Tower Group, we understand your needs and are committed to making the recruitment process as painless as possible, in order to be an asset in your successful search of the job market. Chat to us today to find out more.