5 Tips for Creating a Harmonious Company Culture

In order to attract the best talent to your company, you need to create a harmonious and nurturing company culture. But how do you create a culture that maintains a strong and sustainable team, and draws in the best new people? Here are five tips that could help.

1. Put Yourself in Your Employees’ Shoes

When thinking about your company culture, you are usually doing so from the point of view of management, which doesn’t always give you the best perspective on your employees’ needs. Rather think about your previous posts and remember the work cultures you have experienced. What was it that you liked and didn’t like? What worked for the teams you were in? What drove your productivity and what curtailed it? Use these notes to help you formulate your own company culture.


2. Keep Lines of Communication Open

This is vital. There should never be a time when the employees feel they cannot approach management. Let your employees know that there is always the opportunity for an informal chat to discuss anything they wish to voice. Everyone should feel free to air their grievances, concerns, ideas and suggestions. Be prepared to discuss both the positive and the negative openly and honestly. If you create a culture of silence, the negative will be expressed in some way, and that generally makes for a toxic culture. Make it policy for management to keep their doors open.

3. Relax Departmental Boundaries

It’s true that companies function best with structure and discipline, but there are also times when you can afford to relax the boundaries a little. It’s fine to keep sales and accounting in their silos during the workday but, when the time comes for general meetings or team-building events, make a point of shaking things up. Insist on cross-department mingling and activities. The strengthened relationships that result will only do the company well, with deeper relationships, cross-fertilisation of ideas and a deeper sense of inclusion all round.


4. Find Ways to Include Employees’ Families

When the time comes to take staff out of the office for some shared downtime or teambuilding, find a way to make employees’ partners and families part of the activities. Remember that this is what your employees are working for and they will appreciate you thinking about their loved ones. It also helps you get buy-in from spouses and other family members. It simply increases your circle and deepens commitment, and positions you as a family-friendly company, which is very important to a lot of people.

5. Vary Your Recruiting Mix

Take a good look at your team and take stock of the qualities it possesses. Bear this in mind when recruiting for a post, and let it play a major role in your hiring decisions. Maybe you have a strong team of outspoken doers who will act and implement at the drop of a hat. That’s fantastic, of course. But maybe it needs a quiet strategist to balance it out. This is just an example – the point is that you should vary the dispositional make-up of your team. A good team takes all kinds – and when you have a varied team, this helps to foster a rich culture.

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