5 Ways Social Media Can Damage Your Career

From inappropriate pictures to presumptuous posts, there are a number of ways social media can damage your career, or even hinder it from starting. Social media has become an important tool for recruitment agencies in recent years, but it has also created problems for irresponsible job seekers. We want to help you get it right, by giving you tips to tidy up your social media sites before you start looking for employment.

1: Inappropriate Profile Pictures

It is simply a matter of fact that modern employers cyberstalk their candidates before they are seriously considered for employment, and you need to be aware of this. The first thing they will see when they search for you on social media is your profile picture – the chosen image you have put right at the top of your profile.
Where possible, try not to put up pictures including alcohol or drug paraphernalia, or showing too much skin. Making obscene hand gestures is also a big no-no. The same goes for all the pictures you post to your profile.

2: Poor Grammar

Texting language is so 2009. Gone are the days where you could “talk lyk dis”. Social media may be for fun and fooling around with friends, but good grammar and spelling is never a bad thing. Try to express your thoughts with sincerity and some care for grammar to avoid appearing careless and immature. A recruitment company wants to know that their candidates are literate and have good communication skills.

3: Posting Tasteless Comments

Many people seem to think that what they say on their social media profiles is their business and in keeping with their right to free speech. This is not true, as social media is considered a public domain, no matter how few friends you have requested, and hateful or prejudiced comments can get you in serious trouble. Avoid posting racist, sexist, homophobic or vulgar messages, posts or images. IN fact, avoid engaging in those behaviours altogether!

4: Trash Talking Your Company

Your new employer does not care that your old boss was a complete psycho. Posting rude and disrespectful comments about your employer, boss, co-workers or company looks very bad. You will seem untrustworthy, disloyal and apathetic. We suggest confiding in a close friend or family member to vent about stressful experiences or contact your HR services for serious workplace difficulties.

5: Using Social Media at Work

There may be many social media best practices for the working professional but polishing your profile while you’re at work is not one of them. Social media use is usually restricted or banned in the workplace, particularly on work devices. If you want to catch up on your social media, do so on your personal mobile phone or laptop during your designated breaks, like lunchtime.

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