5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Career

Tower Group Recruitment has been placing people in their dream jobs for decades, therefore we know all the secrets on how to make the most of your career. Times have changed; people no longer accept a job position and wait to be handed promotions and opportunities throughout their career. Nowadays, you must work for what you want to achieve in your career – the only way to do that is to take charge.

How to Take Charge of your Career

Here are 5 ways to assist you in taking charge of your career

1. Don’t Be Embarrassed to “Sell” Yourself

If you do not sell yourself to your employer or potential employer, they may never know exactly how capable you are for the position. Obviously, there is a certain way to go about this, however, never feel embarrassed to inform people what you have achieved. For example, if you designed an app for your company, ensure you add in the results on your project- you may say ‘Designed an app that increased customer loyalty and sales by 25%.’

2. Determine Your Goals & Ideal Career Direction

It is hard to take charge of your career when you do not know where you want it to go. Take some time to set obtainable goals that you would like to achieve. It is also important to have a detailed idea of the direction you would like your career to go. If you do not have a specific direction to strive towards, it is impossible to know if you’re on the right track.

3. Continue to Look at Job Advertisements

This applies to individuals who are both employed and unemployed. Just because you already have a job does not mean that you cannot keep looking for something better. There are so many opportunities to consider, therefore it is important to keep looking for opportunities to enhance your career and open new doors. Take charge of your career by constantly being on the look out for ways to climb the ladder and get where you want to be.

4. Network, Network, Network

Networking may feel awkward in the beginning, however, associating yourself with other people who share interests and are like-minded, you are opening up the door to new opportunities coming your way. Whether online or in person, networking allows you to meet people who may assist you in bettering your career.

5. Join a Reputable Recruitment

Joining a recruitment agency is a great way to take charge of your career and find the best opportunities available. Build your career with the help of Tower Group, who have years of experience in positively matching clients with their perfect employees. Stay informed on the most recent job vacancies and be the first to be considered.

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