5 Ways Your CV Turns Off Potential Employers

New Year, new job: now is the time companies are hiring. Your resumé is the first contact you make with a potential employer.

5 Common CV Mistakes to Avoid

To help you put your best foot forward, keep reading the Tower Group blog as we reveal five ways your curriculum vitae may turn off potential employers.

CV Mistake #1: Spelling & Grammar Mistakes

A perfectly written CV could give you a competitive advantage. Having spelling and grammatical errors anywhere on your CV is extremely unprofessional. So, proofreading is essential when completing a job application, even if you’re keen to submit it immediately. Mistakes are damaging because they convey to potential employers that an applicant lacks attention to detail.


Paying attention to your full stops and commas could mean the difference between a callback and never hearing anything. Proofread it one more time before you send it off. Even better, get someone else to proof it for you — especially if you’ve been looking at it again and again over an extended period.

CV Mistake #2: Too Many Pages

The golden rule of the CV is to keep it to two pages at the most. Nobody has the time to read much more and most won’t, so keep the vital information easy to read and upfront. The first page should have them wanting to meet you and if it doesn’t, well then, they’ll be onto the next one. This takes us to our next point:

CV Mistake #3: Poor Formatting & Structure

Your CV format must be easy to navigate and read. Make sure the headings for your personal statement, key skills, experience, and education are clear. Also, bullet points are useful when writing your CV skills section and experiences. Lengthy chunks of text are difficult to read, whereas bullets make your key points easier to spot and digest. Then again, overusing bullets is a deal-breaker too. Strive for a clean, elegant design with subheadings and bullets only for the most important career details.


CV Mistake #4: Making it Generic

One of the biggest mistakes is having a one-size-fits-all CV. So, customize it for each job and tailor it for the role you are applying for. It’s essential to personalise it for every job application. Make sure the recruiter will read the information relevant to the role, this will increase your chances of securing an interview. And make sure the skills and successes you’re highlighting actually apply to the job you’re going for.

CV Mistake #5: Lacking Examples & Specifics

Unless you back your professional skills with evidence of their development, you’re unlikely to truly prove your value to a recruiter. So, back up skills with concrete evidence to show exactly how your work impacts your employer and gives a greater indication of the value you can add in this new role.
It’s tempting to just list all the stuff you did in your last few jobs but what results did you get, so, be specific, and show results.

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Your CV could be sabotaging your job search and reducing your chances of landing an interview, remember to be yourself and show them who you are, that you are the perfect fit for the company. Be sure to get in touch with Tower Group for even more high-quality industry insight.




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