About Us


Who We Are

Originally established in 1980, The Tower Group remains a leading and trusted brand for providing professional business solutions that exceed expectations. Tower and its highly qualified staff deliver proven value to our clients as well as career-boosting prospects to skilled and experienced candidates.


As a leading South African brand in the staffing services industry, we have been trusted for more than 42 years by companies large and small to optimise their people resources and to provide suitably skilled and experienced a-typical staff to allow them to meet their company goals.


Through our ongoing commitment to workplace transformation, we have earned a Level 1 BB-BEE certification. Clients dealing with Tower are therefore assured that they are dealing with a socially responsible organisation who are continually working at positively transforming our workplace. This is in addition to the superior BEE spend recognition that our clients have the benefit of by dealing with Tower.


With a footprint of branches in the major South African economies, the Tower Group has a 42-year track record, vast experience in the staffing services industry and a wealth of expertise to meet the total Human Capital requirements of the most discerning companies seeking a fresh approach to staffing solutions.


We would welcome the opportunity to assist you or your organisation with any people requirements, whether this be for staffing, BPO / HRO, HR/IR Consulting or any other workplace needs that may be unique to your company.

Tower crafts a custom-designed staffing solution to fit your unique and specific requirements, within your budget. You will find that our vast experience will be invaluable in successfully meeting even your most challenging people challenges. Tower and its professional staff remain committed to delivering top-quality professional services by bringing together the elements of people, opportunity, and innovative solutions.

Tower has the philosophy of quality first and we are guided in our conduct by our deeply embedded value system, resulting in highly valued professional services delivered to clients, candidates and all our stakeholders. Tower remains a long-standing member of APSO (Federation of African Professional Staffing Associations), our industry body.

Our Vision

Tower Group remains committed to developing people and developing organisations. The people development that we practise in our own organisation is what we deliver to clients and candidates.


To be single-mindedly committed to delivering professional, high-quality services by fusing together the elements of talented people, career opportunities and innovative people solutions.


Tower Group has a long and successful history of delivering valuable people solutions to the Financial, Technical, Call Centre, Freight, Management & Executive, Office Support, IT, Medical, Sales and International markets.

We remain your logical partner of choice to provide solutions where your requirement is for staff or any other people solution that may be unique to your company. Tower Group is perfectly placed to custom craft a talent & people solution to fit your specific business requirements, within your budget and our vast experience is valuable in successfully implementing your unique talent & staffing challenges.

Company Profile & Transformation Commitment


Building the Tower Group Brand to be able to Better Serve You

Through our dedicated and committed Tower Group team, we are continuing to build the Tower Group professional brand to be able to better serve you and provide you with a brand that you can be proud to be associated with. We are achieving this by:


1. Putting people at the centre of our operations. We understand the impact on job seekers and recruiters alike in ensuring that career prospects are maximised and organisations thrive.

2. Living each vacancy entrusted to us as a challenge to be met with initiative and enterprise.

3. Ensuring that our services provide the value that clients are paying for.

4. Building strong relationships with clients and candidates to ensure that we continuously meet the high expectations demanded of us.

5. Recruiting highly motivated and well-trained professional people to ensure we are effective and provide a quality service.

6. Maintaining a culture of honesty, integrity and professionalism, showing an understanding of the unique needs of our clients and candidate.

7. Building an inclusive culture in leading by example.