Attract & Retain Quality Talent with a Powerful Company Vision

As an employer, you may feel like you are struggling to find the superstar staff that understand your business and are motivated to make it a success. However, you may not have considered the power of your company vision, and how it can be leveraged to improve company culture and to attract and retain quality talent. Below, we have divulged the details of how to retain talent with a company vision and keep the momentum going.

Start with a Clear Mission and Purpose

Younger generations of job seekers are highly motivated by the purpose of their job and of their company. It is thus important for modern employers to emphasise the “why” behind their business, and make this mission clear to their staff. Having a great vision statement is a good start, and it should be integrated into your company values and goals.

The top talent of today is likely to choose companies with a clear vision over those who do not have one. In fact, 39% of employees at purpose-oriented organisations are likely to stay at their company for more than three years.

Company Culture Brings Strategy to Life

Top management must maintain the company culture in order to leverage a powerful company vision to create motived employees. CEOs set the business strategy and all management must continuously reinforce the vision at all levels. When the vision is part of everyday actions and decisions, employees begin to act accordingly.

Reinforce Company Vision by Creating Goals

Following on from this is the setting of goals aligned with your company vision. The vision statement must be translated into tangible goals that can be achieved by employees. This integrates the vision further into everyday operations.

When these goals are achieved, it is important to give recognition to the key employees who made it happen. Acknowledgement can be public or private, but it is proven to motivate employees and drive them to live by the vision statement.

Vision Requires Communication

Lastly, a powerful company vision needs to be communicated. The leaders of an organization need to be able to communicate the strategy effectively and translate it into real-world goals to inspire their team. Leaders need to be considerate, inclusive and respectful of their team members to create a happy and inspiring workplace. Happy employees are proven to go the extra mile for their organisation and stay longer when they feel recognised and appreciated.

Need Help Attracting Quality Talent?

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