The Impact of Social Media on Recruitment

We live in a post-social media world where no aspect of our lives and work is unaffected by likes, follows, shares, influencers and friends. The field of recruitment and human resources is no exception. Tower Group explains some of the ways in which social media has affected recruitment. Targeting t...
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5 Reasons to Choose Tower Group as Your Recruitment Agency

Here at Tower Group, we strive to orchestrate successful, lasting client-organisation relationships and make the job-hunting/recruitment process as easy as possible for you. There are numerous benefits of Tower Group managed services, which is why we want to help make your life as simple as possible...
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The Benefits of Outsourced Project Management

Outsourcing a project manager refers to hiring an expert, out of your organisation, in order to obtain an objective in your business. One of the most common reasons for failure in projects is poor project management. 5 Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced Project Management At Tower Group, we believe th...
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