Can you feel the Culture?

There’s nothing like an office feeling that says: You are welcome! When the office vibe makes you want to stay till COB every day, and the art on the walls inspires you to make magic, and your colleagues’ words make you feel like you belong. This is the heartbeat of your workplace – the shared beliefs and values of everyone who works alongside you.

This is office culture.

Just like every person you meet has a personality, every workplace has a culture that defines its beliefs, values, outlook, and ethos. It’s how things are done in the office, the feel of the people you work with, the targets and goals you put in place with your team and the physical qualities that either makes the office a great place to be, or a grim place to be.

Your workplace is the one area that always needs to pass the office-culture vibe-check. Whether it’s online or in an actual office block, making sure that the culture is a great fit for you is non-negotiable. If you’ve ever walked into an office and felt the impending doom of an 8 hour shift, stuck between grey walls and lifeless colleagues, then that office culture may have been a size too small. On the other hand, a positive workplace culture that aligns with your own beliefs and values will keep you energised from 9-5! The day-to-day conversations with people who share your optimism will boost your mental and physical health. And the purpose and fulfilment you’ll find in the work you do will do wonders for your overall career success!

Google’s company culture celebrates its employees displaying a “unique vision”. That’s why it caters for its employees’ every need with perks from free gourmet meals, to an in-house gym, to dog-friendly offices. Google believes that its employees need to be inspired, motivated, and encouraged by the right objectives so that they can focus on bringing nothing but their best ideas to the table!

It’s time to lose the Covid blues and return to the workroom (online or in office) with a sense of celebration. Here are some tips on how to celebrate your office culture:

  • Celebrate it on Social Media

The best way to whoop up your office culture and share it with the world, is on social media. Post photos that show off the energy of the “everyday” in your business. Make Stories and Reels and post them to celebrate inspirational moments that acknowledge the people and values that bring your office culture to life.

  • Show it off on your website

You’ve got a great office culture, and it’s time to tell the world! Display it on your website; blazon your mission statement; celebrate your clientele! Use your website to show off the clients you love, the work you’ve done for them and why your office culture makes your business awesome!

  • Paint it on your office walls

Don’t hold back that storyboard for a better day on INSTA; keep some of it for the office too. Paint the walls in inspiring colours! Hang photos and quotes that motivate people to bring their A-game to the office every day. Make the office your second home – a place where you feel comfortable to explore your potential.

  • Manifest Greatness

Good vibes bring good vibes (and good business!). Chat with your colleagues and share your positive energy. Talk about good things in your day, in the business, inside your personal circles. Not everyone feels great every day, but every day you can help bring joy to someone. Bring that office culture and surround them with it – pretty soon it’ll rub off and you’ll both feel fantastic!

A great culture fit is key to mental wellness, great office vibes, impressive turn-around times, and inspired project wrap-ups. Take the time and make sure your office culture is the perfect fit for you, and you’ll be celebrating going to work in no time. Now, who wouldn’t want that?