Job Title
Maintenance Technician
Employment Type
Full Time
5 to 8 years
Job Published
21 June 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description


Responsible for daily maintenance and preventative maintenance of the Production Plant and support the implementation of new technology. Oversee utilisation of resources equipment, manpower, space and mentorship of the Apprenticeship.


Decision making: The ability to gather all information to identify gaps and shortcomings; considering all alternatives before taking appropriate course of action.

Planning and organising: Ability to proactively plan, manage and follow through on objectives; ensuring a logical flow and completion of activities to deliver results.

Manage plans and goals without and ensure meeting of deadlines, avoid delays.

Teamwork: Ability to work with others from different departments and or independently in order to achieve common team objectives.

Problem solving be able to analyze situations and convey meaning by developing a concept, model or theme distinguishes between relevant and irrelevant information easily and identify patterns or relationships from information and events. Develop creative solutions to problems and seek information from variety of sources.

Communication skill: Be able to listen and respond to others both written and verbal communication

Innovative thinking: Ability to think out of the box and provide new ideas.

Customer — Centric Focus: Ability to anticipate and or to identify customer needs and expectations, develop and maintain good work relationship with customer.

Technical Faults Detection: Ability to diagnose faults and preventative action to be taken to resolve.

General: Support the requirements of Quality Management Systems/ IATF/lS014000

Ability to manage spare parts inventory and search for local procurement (cost reduction activities)


Minimum - National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering

At least 5 Years' experience in Automotive industry PLC and CAD DATA


1-1 Customer

  • Communicate maintenance related information to Line Manager so that it does not delay manufacturing process.
  • Actively perform daily inspections of each facility, manage to reduce abnormal failures by performing daily inspections and maintenance on machines.


  • Compliance with all company, legal and common practice safety precautions.
  • Ensure all Safety Regulations are always adhered to.
  • Ensuring tools and equipment used are safe and appropriate for the application.
  • Report machine abnormalities to Line Manager.
  • Regular checking, updating and communicating safe work procedures.
  • Adhere to Safety requirements and actively participate to improve Safety in the workplace. Ensure Lock out procedures all maintained at all time when working with Equipment.

Machine maintenance & Operation

  • Responsible for the maintenance and Die repairs of all machinery in production plant.
  • Implementation of preventive measures to prevent the same failure reoccurrence.
  • Monitor the operation of machines, reporting and correcting undesirable work practices.
  • Reporting and coordinating on all machine breakdowns and provide countermeasures.

Maintenance Administration: 

  • Development and submission of maintenance reports timeously i.e. breakdown analysis and downtime information.
  • Maintenance Planning and preventative maintenance activities.
  • Spare Parts Management.
  • Develop work instructions for all preventative maintenance activities and repairs. Compile meeting reports and minutes as and when needed.


  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant policies, procedures and work instructions within TGSA
  • Ensure housekeeping (5S) is conducted and maintained daily.
  • Kaizen (Continuous improvement) of work processes and procedures must be implemented.