Job Title
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Employment Type
Full Time
5 to 8 years
Job Published
19 May 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description


-The purpose of the job function is to establish all necessary geotechnical parameters required, to determine if a identified mineral reserve / resource area can be mined by the companies actual mining systems in an economical manner.

-Engineer, in conjunction with the technical team, production enhancing methods on the actual seabed crawler system which can increase the hourly mining rate output.

-Engineer’, in conjunction with the technical team, a crawler excavation system which can be used in mineral reserve areas where the actual geotechnical soil conditions are adverse to the actual mining system and require an additional mechanical cutting and loosening device to enhance the excavation / mining process.

Managing the geotechnical department and supervising the geotechnical assistants.


  • Lab Analysis:
  • Submit samples to geotechnical laboratories (Geoscience labs, Rock labs, etc.)
  • If possible, perform one or two samples with laboratory to check results and confirm QA/QC of lab
  • Able to perform geotechnical laboratory testing, i.e. particle size analysis (fine sediments), oedometer, direct shear and triaxial shear, plastic and liquid limit (Atterberg tests), unconfined compressive strength (UCS) with absorption, point load index strength, rock petrography, and CT-scanning (voids and permeability)


  • Sampling vessel: and other exploration works
  • Supervise and train assistant geotechnical engineers
  • Manage the collection and organization of data
  • Perform geotechnical tests on clay, rock and sand samples (i.e. IRS and GSI, penetrometer and shear vane on clays, sieving, density, etc.)
  • Data capturing of geotechnical tests and sending information to Head Office
  • Photograph sample testing (before and after)
  • Assist, note and discuss geology (based on geotechnical observations) with screen logging geologists
  • Process and analyse drill tool trends with inhouse software and send processed information to Head Office
  • Create maps of footwall (types and based on clay shear strength or IRS in the case of rock)
  • Report on any findings regarding adverse stratigraphical conditions, based on observations from drill tool and tool trend findings (short weekly/summary report of important observations - geological and geotechnical related)
  • Create/aid new templates and 'operating manuals' for procedures/tests
  • Office and Data Management:
  • Analyse data from laboratories and vessel – i.e. QA/QC data
  • Determine mechanical specific energies for both sampling and mining vessels
  • Model and grid processed data through Rockworks, Global Mapper and ArcGIS - geotechnical model of a mining area
  • Conceptualise and determine mining rates based on geology and modelled processed data
  • Reporting (hard copy and soft copy) of processed geotechnical data and update mine geologists with digital data (i.e. grids, shapefiles, maps, etc.)
  • Database administrator, data management and data QA/QC
  • Assisting with geology and geotechnical engineering database
  • Ensure that all data collected and created are copied to the head office server
  • Draft/update standard operating procedures/guidelines for all geotechnical duties
  • Comply with all company standard operating procedures/guidelines when performing duties
  • Able to execute and calculate soil hydraulic loosening techniques.
  • Able to calculate soil mechanical loosening and cutting techniques.
  • Able to execute and calculate soil hydraulic transports by pumping.


  • Development and Research:
  • Mining vessel - Crawler cutter design (model)
  • Investigate new strategies to improve exploration and mining, i.e. offshore CPT, new testing techniques, improve sampling and testing, etc.
  • Attend courses that will benefit the company and develop engineer


  • Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering
  • Minimum of three to five years’ experience
  • Conversant with Windows, MS Office, Golden Software suite, Rockworks, ArcGIS, Global Mapper, Delph Seismic Interpretation
  • Preferable Offshore experience


  • Analytical ability
  • Good Judgement
  • Persistence
  • Achievement & Goal orientated
  • Shows Initiative
  • Excellent Verbal & Written communication
  • Individual leadership
  • Working as part of a team of technical specialists.
  • Able to work on his own
  • Willing to travel to the work sites and spend time on board.