Job Title
Chapter Lead UX
Employment Type
Full Time
5 to 5 years
Job Published
16 October 2021
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Key accountabilities and decision ownership:
1. Manage UX across TOBi and TOBi Assist
• Define strategy and methodology to drive continues improvement in the UX environment
• Do detailed analysis on project outcomes and map back to Customer Experience outcomes to determine the gap
• Align initiatives to company strategy to determine priority and drive customer centricity
• Drive deep analysis and implementation of customer centric experiences
• Form strategic partnerships with other departments and markets to ensure execution
2. Embed best practice
• Drive the implementation and integration of UX practices.
• Share best practices on creating customer centric experiences using UX standards
• Determine gaps between customer satisfaction and drive Customer Journey outcomes
• Initiate strategic projects to be market leading and execute effectively
• Liaise and drive knowledge sharing across Tribe
• Monitor effectiveness of methodology and drive continuous improvement
3. Drive Customer Centricity and Innovation
• Drive measurement of selected key KPIs
• Where possible and where tools are available, simulate processes prior to implementation to determine if desired outcome would be achieved
• Identify initiatives and ensure alignment to Customer Journeys across other business areas
• Drive innovation in process, output and measurement Core competencies, knowledge and experience [max 5]:
4. Experience:
• User Experience
• User Research
• Leadership
• Conversational Design
• Multi-channel design

Must have technical / professional qualifications:

  • B.Com Degree in human or computer sciences or Design Degree
    Post graduate degree preferred
    5+ Years working in a senior UX role
  • UX Resources
  • Building up assets
  • Industry type – Technology