Job Title
Work Process & Training Coordinator
Employment Type
Full Time
5 to 5 years
Job Published
07 July 2021
Job Reference No.

Job Description


Promotion and Co-ordination of a proactive and effective plant training programme in order to achieve business, plant, career and individual goals.

They would also provides guidance and subject matter expertise on implementing and using the Operate Plant Work Process. This role involves extensive fieldwork, helping Operate Plant personnel acquire knowledge to be able to apply Operate Plant Work Processes and Information Technology Tools.


Represents a plant resource for the support of teams and individuals in establishing suitable training in fulfilling needs and goals. Works with the Training Steering Team to use and co-ordinate resources effectively. Develops a “Just In Time” approach to training which is necessary to achieve the plant objectives. Coordinates the training of trainers.

Under the leadership and in close cooperation with the unit leader, the successful incumbent will be responsible for the development of empowered teams which effectively meet customer needs, achieve unit goals and manage the way in which they work. They will be leading primarily from a position of influence, will act as resource to teams, helping them to build relationships, adopt methodologies and gain the knowledge and skills needed to accept greater levels of responsibility over time.

This is a combined role of a work process coaching and training co-ordination and is a day shift role. It focuses on building team and individuals’ capabilities in applying processes and enhances employee contribution to the organisation. The person is also actively part of the site training committee.


· Identifies, together with teams, the training requirements and helps individuals develop their Employee Development plans. Coach individuals on the development plan steps and requirements.

· Helps teams and individual members to clarify purpose, roles, boundaries, performance outcomes, team norms and operating procedures

· Ensures that the training goals are Business and functional aligned.

· Is knowledgeable about training systems and methods and communicates back to Site Training Steering team.

· Co-ordinates the necessary training programmes.

· Ensures that training is documented and updated and complies with the Workplace Skills Plan that is submitted annually to CHIETA.

· Ensures that the training is up-to-date.

· Ensures that training plans are prepared and updated for all employees.

· Co-ordinates the use of training resources.

· Participates in setting up the necessary training budget and monitors spending.

· Ensures that new training requirements are undertaken or developed and are tested.

· Co-ordinates and presents the induction of new employees.

· Informs production management in the event of shortcomings that can NOT be resolved by discussion with the production team.

· Assists teams in setting personal goals based on the team goals agreed upon between the unit leader and the team(s)

· Helps teams to resolve conflicts and to solve problems

· Develops communication and decision making skills among team members

· Assist teams in measuring their results and assessing their performance

· Works closely with the unit leader to ensure the team building process is aligned and supports business needs and goals

· Facilitates the integration of new members into the teams

· Helps teams interface with other teams and other parts of the organization to sell ideas, break barriers and procure resources

· Act as Operate Plant Work Processes subject matter expert for the plant; works in the field. (i.e., one-on-one coaching, control room sessions)

· Assist in the development and collection of work process measurements / Audits.


· Grade 12 or equivalent (Math and Science compulsory)

· Continued studies in technical field (i.e. National Diploma)

· 5+ years operational experience

· Excellent at teamwork and interpersonal relationships

· Detailed work process knowledge, with knowledge of the ODMS system

· Systematic and organized

· Computer literate: MS Office, SAP, Digital tools



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