Job Title
Client Support Specialist
Employment Type
Full Time
4 to 6 years
Job Published
17 December 2021
Job Reference No.

Job Description

You are responsible for driving the deliverables and outputs that relate to the firm’s external and internal Client support services across the Office Services, Front Office and Front-of-house teams. As these activities and tasks are impossible to do on your own, you are required to leverage and work across teams, who, along
with you, must ensure that all your duties (activities, tasks and projects) are delivered at the level required in terms of the dictates of the practice. As such, you will work closely with both the office services and front office team leaders and teams. The working hours for this position are made up of 9 hour shifts between the hours of 07:00am and 6:00pm and are subject to change, according to the business and team requirements – the successful applicant must be available and able to work within these hours, be willing to work after-hours at events and when required in terms of the dictates of the practice, and must have their own reliable transport to attend to after-hour requests necessitating travel.

These duties (activities, tasks and projects) are governed by various processes and responsibilities. This necessitates your strong organizational and management skills to ensure you and those with whom you work achieve what is required and at the standards expected. In other words, you are responsible for your own task
scheduling and controls, overseeing and instructing the teams with whom you work, and the various processes you put in place and deploy be it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Your focus must be on effective delivery of outputs, in accordance with what is required by the business and that a strong client focus is maintained at all times.

Your duties and responsibilities include the key business processes and functions set out hereunder.
However, you agree and understand that your own role will develop, change and encompass other tasks and projects in accordance with the dictates of the practice, and what your department / team may be required to deliver to the business from time to time, or, on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, your duties and responsibilities should not be seen in isolation as it is expected that each team member, whilst retaining responsibility for their core duties (activities, tasks and projects) are, at the same time, also fully accountable for the performance of the team and the department as a whole. This means
that you are required to proactively engage with, and provide meaningful support and give assistance to other team leaders / members whenever necessary, to ensure that the duties (activities, tasks and projects) across teams are performed at the standard required in order to achieve the goals of the business and
consistently maintain an external and internal client focus.

Your duties (activities, tasks and projects) will be measured in terms of:
? time – constraints / deadlines
? volume – amount accomplished
? quality – fit for purpose
? skill – competency, aptitude and know how
? cost effectiveness – productivity / ROI / profitability
? leverage – appropriate deployment / assignment of resources
? focus and direction – appropriate prioritization, flexibility and determination of workflows

Key business processes and functions
1. office support function includes handling and courier of documents, follow up, reticulation, recording receipt and ensuring delivery to relevant parties, incoming deliveries and collections; feedback and reporting

2. office services related tasks includes copying, printing, scanning, processing and archiving; feedback and reporting

3. administrative support includes general stationery, branded and consumable stock control, cost saving, budget and increase in efficiencies, hands-on management of securing and issuing, cost
recovery, allocations, invoice processing, pricing and variance reporting;

4. client interaction includes recognition of urgency and different profile types and needs, client know how and matched professional engagement, adoption of appropriate behaviour given the dynamics of a situation, an emotional quotient (EQ) comportment, intelligent and authentic client connection and communication (as opposed to familiarity), giving direction to and training team, taking control of pressurized and ad-hoc situations when necessary

5. client hospitality and hosting includes welcoming, receiving and servicing clients, in-room service, catering, understanding and delivery of client requirements and food and beverage operations within the context of firm protocols, co-ordination of across team outputs, dietary know-how, quality control, communication, clearing and cleaning, setup and layout, maintenance of equipment and asset control; feedback and reporting