Job Title
Commercial Support Analyst
Employment Type
3 to 4 years
Job Published
30 November 2021
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Commercial Support Analyst will provide business and commercial analysis support services to the team of commercial leads, who in turn are responsible to demonstrate an idea’s desirability, feasibility and viability.



  • Bachelor’s degree in commercial or engineering disciplines or equivalent degree is a requirement
  • 5 years commercial analysis experience
  • At least 5 years Product Owner experience
  • Proven ability to research and document business opportunities
  • Telecomms Industry knowledge preferred
  • Proven Financial Analysis/Forecasting skills
  • Capital and Project Budgeting experience
  • Understanding of Project Management/Development methodologies
  • Business Case/Plan Development, Market Research Experience essential
  • Product ownership - product management
  • Product development technology
  • Agile business analysis
  • Agile environment
  • Combination of business analyst and scrum master
  • Supporting the Commercial Lead – Business Owner



Research and document the full extent of the solution, the associated products and value proposition to customers.

Research and document the market landscape, applicable market segments and the competitive environment.

The customer value proposition: Design, refine and document the customer value proposition that aligns with the market segment.

Engaging with prospective customers in order to collaboratively design the product/solution using a customer-led design thinking approach.

Demonstrate desirability by obtaining customer endorsement for the solution.

The prototype: Provide commercial support to guide the technical outputs to ensure that the required technical prototype demonstrating feasibility aligns to the customers needs.

Support the Commercial Lead by conducting relevant market research to inform the solution development and market potential.

Investigating global best practices, case examples and benchmarks to bring in the latest cutting-edge innovations and capabilities to build world-class solutions.

In conjunction with the commercial leads, developing a clear vision for the business and a compelling strategy for taking the product to market and scaling it up over the first few years of operation.

Encapsulate the defining characteristics of the business proposition and the request in terms of approval of funding and resources.

Ensuring that the idea passes the legal and legislative framework in South Africa, for example POPIA and/or any other type of regulation that will influence the solution’s scope and objectives.

Conducting competitive analysis to determine what other companies are doing to offer competing services in the market, including their business models.

Conduct an initial assessment of the competences, support structures and technologies needed to support the solution and identify any necessary competences and skills that are needed.

Market research

Value Proposition and Technology

Resource plan, Operational and Project Management

Financial Analysis