Job Title
Developer Team Lead
Employment Type
Full Time
8 to 12 years
R1000000 to R1250000
Job Published
18 November 2021
Job Reference No.

Job Description

My Clent that is based in Midrand is currently looking for an Smart  Developer-Team Lead Individual with Key Responsibilities as below

• Strong ability to provide written and/or verbal explanations on design and technical/functional

• Contribute to the architecture, design, development, and maintenance of Web applications using
the C# language and the Microsoft tech stack.
• Align and build capabilities and services in line with strategic projects and architecture
• Provide input for the other developers, BAs and Testers, as well as maintain an excellent working
relationship with our external software development partners.
• Review current coding practices, as well as implementing and maintaining improvement.
• Write clean, scalable code using .NET programming languages.
• Involved on multiple projects, sometimes in parallel
• Collaborate with project teams made up of people with diverse and complementary skills.
• Develop responsive web front ends with the latest technology and security.
• Integrate with a variety of Azure Hosted Services.
• Develop and maintain Self-Hosted WCF services with a token based authentication.
• Develop and maintain RESTful API services with a token based authentication.
• Be able to lead a Team in solution delivery
• Continually guide and mentor Intermediate and Junior developers in best practices and relevant
• Encourages autonomy of decision making within clearly defined boundaries.
• Ensures that Security forms an integral part of all practice capabilities.
• Present practical input for strategic technology decisions 

Stay up to date with industry trends, and standards within the DevOps space
• Lead the Agile processes within the team
• Manage the roadmap for the team, playing a key role in prioritization
• Resolve conflict in the team when necessary
• Promote the achievements of the team
• Interview candidates for technical and organizational fit
• Hands on execution as part of team
• Maintain and increase development quality within project delivery

Stakeholder Management
• Professional Engagement with internal Departments as clients.
• Professional interactions with all external stakeholders that engages with clients as a partner, or
• On time, available, engaged and well prepared for interactions with internal and external
• Work with stakeholders to gather requirements, and manage expectations
• Coding and Maintaining of unit tests for all code developed.
• Assisting Testing team with Use and Test cases.
• Test cases, use cases and unit tests are as an important a deliverable as the code to deliver the
project itself.
Process and Process Improvement
• Continuous evaluation of process that is used in the delivery pipeline to identify areas of
improvement and proposing refinements to processes.
• Participation in the release process, evaluating what is working, what can be improved and what
can be automated and proposing and implementing release process refinements.
• Innovative thinking about solutions that is on purpose and holistic in nature
• Pragmatic approaches to problems and solving the problems.
• Innovative thinking that leads to concrete implementations of the innovation.
Maintain practices in line with organisational guidelines, policies, culture and values
• Ensure service practices and standards are aligned to all policies and procedures
• Develop and encourage strong teamwork
• Manage areas of critical compliance and actively manage non-conformance
• Continually contribute to product knowledge of the team and other functional areas
• Actively live the Organizational Culture and values
• Ensures that Security forms an integral part of all code and processes.
Maintain people practices in line with Organisational guidelines, policies, culture and values
• Ensure service practices and standards (SLA’s) adhered to in line with ITIL principles
• Develop and encourage strong team work
• Identify potential inter-departmental problems and escalate them to higher levels
• Engage regularly in team or group problem-solving
• Manage areas of critical compliance and actively manage non-conformance
• Identify, accumulate and analyse statistics that reflect on the team’s performance
• Continually share technical competence with the team to assist in the development of their
knowledge and skill
• Ensure the work environment enables employees to “live” the organisation culture and values
• Actively participate in own professional development and career path.

Judgement and Decision Making
The ability to make firm (and sometimes difficult) decisions fairly and
compassionately based on relevant facts, criteria and disciplined, logical
Accountability Approaches own work with dedication and high sense of responsibility.
Provides support to others in accomplishing their work
Takes responsibility for results of the institution, and all resources that have
been placed under one’s responsibility.
Teamwork The capacity to work co-operatively with others to achieve common goals.
Customer Service
The capacity to anticipate, recognize and meet the needs of internal and
external clients and customers, however these are defined in the role, taking
responsibility for maintaining the highest service standards and developing
and sustaining productive client relationships.
Application Development/
Support and Maintenance
Demonstrates a detailed knowledge of several programming environments
and a good working knowledge of hardware and software interfaces; Writes
original multi-module/complex programs or applies reusable modules;
Designs, tests, and integrates software modules and resolves programming
errors using various debugging tools and techniques; Provides support,
guidance and production
Relationship Building The capacity to listen effectively and use appropriate interpersonal and
communication skills to build relationships based on mutual trust and
goodwill. This includes demonstrating sensitivity to other’s feelings, needs,
values and attitudes and being courteous and diplomatic in dealing with
difficulties others may be experiencing.
Testing Understands and use systems integration principles (i.e., the methods,
practices and policies that are used during a systems integration process,
including hardware, software, network and applications);
Understands and use release and certification processes; Prepares test
cases/scripts; Develops testing scenarios and cases ensuring they are
aligned to meet requirements, and are representative of business situations;
Carries out complex testing/ validation (e.g., volume testing, integration
testing); Ensures other applications are not affected; Matches results with
expectations in the design document; Troubleshoots/resolves issues;
Implements test tools; Applies standards for testing;
Delivers a testing project/component of testing project; Provides knowledge
and guidance to team in the preparation of test plans together with the IT and
business resources; Monitors delivery of testing to time, quality and cost.
Visibility and Impact
(Includes Professional
The capacity to convey a powerful, professional impression, commanding
attention and respect and conveying a strong sense of self-worth and
Decision Making &
Problem Solving
The capacity to recognize symptoms that indicate more significant problems;
to anticipates obstacles, considers the impact/ consequence of decisions.
The capacity to puts a problem in context, recognizes risks, and understands
situational variables.
Able to reconcile the conflicts between short term requirements and long term

Technical / Professional

  • The capacity to perform a professional and/or technical function to the
    required standards, remain abreast of developments in the specialist field and and continuously improve /expand own skill.