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Can we wear jeans now?

Traditional corporate environments have long since dictated that dressing smart for work is a pre-requisite of the job; anything that resembled black, navy, grey and chinos meant you were safely cloned to proceed down the corridor – while tank tops, short skirts and blue jeans were by every me...
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Understanding & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

At some point in our lives we all experience a feeling of inadequacy regarding our self-worth and whether or not we are qualified enough to achieve something, especially when we are pushed outside our comfort zone or doing something for the first time. Some people feel the same despite repeated exte...
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5 Rules of your Day

Have at least one success in your day, however small. And the earlier in your day, the better as it provides you with a much-needed energy boost for the day. And, a success could be as small as making a telephone call you have been putting off. Going it alone is much harder than getting […]...
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