Does Office Culture Still Matter to a Remote Workforce?

After months of lockdown and a fairly rapid mass adaptation to remote working, the ‘work from anywhere’ culture is rapidly overtaking the old-fashioned office-based approach. What does this mean for companies? How do you create and foster cohesion? Does office culture still matter?

Culture is Critical

In Tower Group’s  opinion, the answer to the last question is a definite ‘yes.’ Consider the following reasons:

You Still Need an ‘Onboarding’ Process

Your existing staff are likely to continue working within your company culture, even if it is in an altered form, but what about new staff? They can’t just be brought into a vacuum. They need to be inducted into the structures of the company. These still exist even if the team is not working shoulder to shoulder every day. People may be working from anywhere, but they are still working for and with a single company that has specific goals and values. With this in mind, the induction process needs to be adapted for the digital realm. Schedule a Zoom meeting or record a welcome message. Gestures like these are always appreciated and go a long way towards pulling a team together and inspiring people to stay with you.


Goals Still Need To Be Set, Successes Celebrated

You can’t call impromptu meetings in the boardroom anymore, but you still need to bring your team together to set or reiterate goals, or to celebrate when things are going well. These are vital parts of any company culture, even if the way you choose to express them is up to you.

In the end, a company’s culture is both the source and the preserver of cohesion. Without it, the group can easily disintegrate into a disparate, loosely associated group of workers on different schedules and with differing objectives. By extending your culture into the remote working age, you are sure to keep employees happier and more motivated.

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