Easter Message from the CEO

With so much happening in SA at the moment, the weeks are slipping by and we are fast approaching the most important holiday season after our year-end “shutdown.” As the weeks fly past we tend to focus on the here and now, the immediate. While this is a good strategy in difficult times, it is worth our while not to lose sight of our medium-term or even longer-term goals and plans. When times are tough, we tend to gloss over these important aspects, choosing to put them off for “another day.”

 The work-pressures we face each day bring with them challenges that are unprecedented in our recent history. How do we adequately deal with these pressures? To ensure our work place stays relevant, I am putting pressure on my team to respond to the substantial changes and challenges in industry. This is often hard and driving change is harder than it appears. To make the reality and need for change real in my team, I have introduced the compass picture into our exchanges. This allows us, as a team, to focus on a longer-term future, while dealing with everyday challenges.

You may be facing similar pressures in your workplace and you may, similarly, be expected to do more than ever before. The golden rule is to not panic, but, to build a “career compass” for yourself, which will guide you through uncertain times and provide you with goals and milestones, no matter what challenges are put in your way. Building such a compass is not a trivial matter, you need to know yourself, your capabilities and even your weaknesses. Building on your strengths and working on your weaknesses is all part of the building of your own compass.

I recently heard several colleagues choose the books they wanted to read during the upcoming holiday break. The extended quiet time during the holiday break will allow them ample time to catch up on their reading. Reading is a great pastime, and in addition, it may be a good idea to also build in some quiet time to reflect on your career and how you can best build an effective and robust “career compass” for yourself. Take charge of your career and return after the holiday period rejuvenated and with a compass custom-built for you and your career. Be the amazing person that you are meant to be.

As I wish you a great holiday period, I want to remind you that I have spoken about this theme in previous blogs, that in such uncertain and unpredictable times we should all make this a year of tolerance and personal growth. I acknowledge that this may be easier said than done, but, while you are growing as a person (in your career or in your private life) you are making yourself more resilient and therefore more employable. Build and use your internal compass every day!

Be safe and use your personal compass to “Tower above the rest!”