Fool Proof Tips to Stay Motivated at Work

In a modern professional environment, elements such as company culture and workplace satisfaction are more important than ever. Motivation in the workplace can be hard to come by when you have lost focus and inspiration, and can’t quite remember why you wanted to be in this position in the first place. That isn’t to say that you want to switch up your career paths, but you may need a fresh dose of motivation to get you mojo back.

Think About Your Impact

More often than not, we forget that as employees we play a role within our organisation, we fill a certain void and add value. It’s not difficult to forget your worth in a capitalist economy that wants you to churn out as much of a result as possible, but in the closed system of the workplace, you can restore your faith in humanity. Your role is vital to the daily operations of the company!

If you feel like you are completing tasks, achieving company goals and improving the lives of others, you can re-centre yourself and realise that you get up in the morning for a reason.

Set Bite-Sized Goals

It is way more motivating to set a series of smaller, more attainable short-term goals than to set a long list of huge goals that could take months or years to achieve. Sitting down to complete a large project is very intimidating, whilst setting out to complete a series of smaller tasks is a lot less frightening.

Break down big goals into smaller tasks and take baby steps towards completing them. As you see your tasks ticked off on your to-do list, you will feel more accomplished, capable and motivated!

Spend Time with Your Colleagues

The people you work with every day can play a role in your motivation – you are all in the same place, every day, working towards a common goal. Spend some time getting to know your colleagues, what their values and goals are, and how they like to spend their spare time.

If you nurture pleasant relationships with your colleagues, it can renew your motivation to not only attend work and be punctual, but to help others, brainstorm ideas and work a little bit harder to achieve company goals.

Nothing beats working as a team!

Ask for Feedback

Sometimes we can feel lost, and as though our contributions are a little off the mark. You can ask for feedback from colleagues, mentors and managers to gain insight on how you are performing, what aspects they believe should be prioritised, and maybe even some helpful tips for that problem you’ve been having!

Constructive criticism can be daunting, but if you take it in your stride you can work on your weaknesses, fine tune your strengths, and become more productive each day.

Celebrate Small Achievements

Waiting for a long-term payoff is exhausting in a fast-paced and varied work environment, and it can be discouraging when you feel as though you are not achieving anything. To counteract this, you can make it a habit to celebrate small wins and treat yourself for your hard work. Do not underestimate the gratification that comes from a little recognition.

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