Freedom Day

Tomorrow is Freedom Day, generally regarded as a celebration of the day on which our young democracy was born. Because we have such a diverse rainbow nation, it is understandable that Freedom Day means different things to different people. What does it mean to you? Do you celebrate it or is it simply a day off for you? And, fortunately, because we live in a democratic society, both answers are perfectly acceptable. That is the beauty of living in a democratic society.

And as individuals, we all have our own way of celebrating or reflecting on significant days on our national calendar. No matter how you choose to reflect on it, 27 April 1994 was a very significant day in the history of South Africa.

Let’s also spare a thought for those among us who do not have the opportunity to fully celebrate Freedom Day tomorrow. Think of the many doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, law enforcement officers and defence personnel who all serve their communities through their dedicated service. There are many among us who have a loved one in hospital and who rely on the dedicated staff to ensure that our loved ones are cared for. These carers choose to give up their Freedom Day to serve their community, and through their dedicated service, ensure that we all have safer and healthier communities where we are able to choose the way in which we spend our Freedom Day.

I will definitely take some time out tomorrow to reflect on what Freedom Day means to me. And how I am able to impact positively on the life of someone in my community. Even if it is in a small way. I challenge you to do the same for someone in your community. You will find that, if you remain aware, you can definitely make a positive difference in the life of someone else. And making a small difference goes a long way. And, if you are able to make a big difference, then I applaud you. We all have a different capacity to impact lives positively, none more important than the other.

Whichever way you choose to spend Freedom Day tomorrow, I wish you a day filled with peace and happiness. May you find some time in your day to reflect on how you too can impact positively on the life of a fellow SA citizen. And remember, never give up on your ideals and dreams!