How to Be a Great Employer

It is amazing to see that many organisations are willing to spend large amounts of money on preventative maintenance to keep their fixed assets in top condition, but precious few are willing to put similar investment into sustaining the well-being of their employees.

Humans have a number of core needs over and above survival, namely, physical sustainability, emotional security, self-expression, and spiritual significance. These core needs, when met by an employer, result in motivated, energised staff that are committed to the company and its goals.

The blog below details how to be a great employer by treating your staff right and meeting their needs.

Empower Employees with Responsibility

When you treat your staff as if they are incapable, irresponsible and immature, they are likely to subconsciously adopt that role, and exemplify the behaviour you have attributed to them. Rather than crushing your employees’ confidence, allow them to take initiative by instilling in them a sense of empowerment and trust.

Trusting your staff to get their work done well and on time will create a sense of appreciation, motivation and commitment within them that will drive them to deliver good results. Good leaders measure their staff by the value they generate, therefore it is important to recognise their abilities.

Recognise Employee Dedication and Achievement

Speaking of recognition, it is unbelievably important that you recognise the effort your staff put in and provide strong feedback to help them improve. When learning how to be a great employer, remember to review your staffs work, provide feedback, and acknowledge their hard work in a meaningful way.
This kind of feedback is highly motivating to your staff and will only encourage more of the same good work. Employees will feel recognised, validated and accomplished.

Allow Employees to Give Input

It is vital for staff to feel as though their thoughts, ideas and overall input can not only be contributed, but is likely to be taken on board and seriously considered as well. Staff respond well when they are made to feel like their contribution plays a role in the growth of the company for which they work. Employers should work to create an open and encouraging environment wherein employees can express their thoughts and ideas in meetings and have them considered and evaluated.

Show Your Staff That Your Care About the Community

An employer that demonstrates that they know they are part of a much bigger picture is one that is likely to attract great candidates, particularly throughout the hiring process. Companies that donate and volunteer to charitable organisations show their staff that they can see beyond profits and dividends and recognise their power and capacity to make a difference in needy lives.

Employees that are given a chance to contribute their time and effort to a greater good are likely to feel more fulfilled, both personally and professionally.

Another benefit of charitable action is that you as an employer indicate that your company is financially stable, which is attractive to candidates in the recruitment sphere.

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