How to Deal with HR Matters in Uncertain Times

The coronavirus outbreak and its economic fallout have left us all feeling unsure about our futures. At the Tower Group, Management teams need to be able to deal with this uncertainty in their staff, to face it directly and do their best to maintain calm and stability.

3 Ways to Manage a Crisis Effectively

Keep reading the blow as we share three tips to follow to help you resolve human resources matters in uncertain times.


Insist on Transparency

This goes both ways. Be open and honest with your team about developments in the company as you navigate the troubled waters of the post-corona economy. If you are asked a question, answer directly – don’t let your employees feel like you’re holding back any part of the truth. Let them know they can trust you to tell them the unvarnished truth – good or bad. By the same token, let them know that you are as open to receiving honesty as you are committed to giving it. Let your door be open and receive all questions, suggestions, complaints and other feedback freely.

Touch Base Often – & Listen to Feedback

Don’t rely on your employees’ motivation to come knocking on your door with problems. They may still keep their concerns quiet for fear of how you might react – not all employees are accustomed to being able to speak freely at work. So take the initiative and call regular meetings in which you update everyone on the company’s current situation. Then open the floor and listen carefully to feedback.

Lead by Example

If leaders want certainty and calm, they need to be certain and calm at all times. This doesn’t mean that you hide your head in the sand and pretend things are okay if they’re not. It is simply a matter of demonstrating composure and strength and addressing adversity directly. If there are questions or negative sentiments, respond to them maturely and empathetically. This will immediately improve your employees’ confidence in you and the situation.

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