You’ve dreamt of this day your whole life, and it’s finally here. The day you open the door to your own office, your own company, your own dream-made-real. You’ve invested hundreds of hours of planning, years of learning, and what seems like a few lifetimes of blood, sweat and tears, and more money than you’d like to admit. The only thing left is to dig into your budget and invest in expertise. You might find yourself asking then whether it’s worth it to hire experts when a few employees with guts and gusto might do the trick?

We’re here to tell you that it is.

As a business owner living in a world of Jacks-of-all-Trades and Masters-of-None, you need to make sure that you are doing what is best for your company. You want to take on a team of skilled , like-minded people, create a company culture that is positive and enriching, and you want your business to be successful. For that, you’ll have to INVEST. Invest in skills development; invest in collaboration; invest in mental wellness for yourself and others; invest in time and energy with your people and contributing to impactful projects; and invest in hiring the right expertise. Your return on investment? Your Dream Team.

Creating your Dream Team doesn’t happen overnight and hiring the right people for your Dream Team has benefits – like saving you money. In 2019, a survey done by the CS Executive Group showed that 74% of employers said they’d directly hired candidates that weren’t 100% perfect for the job, and that the hire ended up costing the company wasted time and money. The employers reported that they saw less productivity, a compromised work quality, and the company suffered when they had to train and recruit a new employee.

If you’re still unsure whether all that recruitment budget is really worth it, we’ve put together a list of reasons why investing in expertise – like a recruitment agency – is exactly what you need to build your Dream Team:

  • Buys Time

It takes a long time to work through CVs, phone calls and interviews, and every day that a position remains unfilled, your company loses money. Recruitment agencies are your eyes and ears into your industry. They know the hiring trends and what attracts top talent. As your recruiter works through applicants, your team can continue focusing on their own high-value tasks instead of spending time sifting through résumés .

  • Tapping into Expert Resources

Recruitment companies help to speed up the recruiting process. A more streamlined, efficient hiring process means that there is less chance that the high-quality applicants that you want will move on to other positions before you get a chance to hire them. By having access to a recruitment network and extensive database, you are also making sure that passive job-seekers are considered too – seekers who might just be the very ones you need.

  • Saves Money

Time = Money. The more time a position in your company remains unfilled, the more money your company loses. Recruitment companies streamline the hiring process to fill jobs quickly and effectively. They know exactly what to do to attract superstar employees (in good time), ensuring that your company doesn’t risk losing money to a wrong hire.

When it comes to being a Leader, we’re met with needing to make decision after decision, almost every minute of our waking workday (and night) and it’s the sum of our daily choices that define who we are and how we lead. Deciding to trust and invest in expertise such as a recruitment agency shows that you, as a leader, are focused on the best outcome for your business, and that means making sure you hire only the finest employees to make up your dream team.

Investing in expertise is just one strategy to take your company to the next level.  Tower Group believes in 7 Pillars of Leadership Investment that will help your company to become the best it can be. To learn more about these pillars of strength and success, visit Tower Group.