Our Staffing Solutions Make Hiring Simple

If you are looking for a full, turnkey solution to your recruitment problem, then you have come to the right place. Tower Group offer a wide range of staffing solutions that allow us to guide you through the hiring process and offer you the best candidates for your vacancy.

Head-Hunting and Executive Placements

Firstly, we present our excellent head-hunting service, particularly for executive positions, whereby our best head-hunters scour the market for talented leaders that can fulfil your requirements. You can rest assured that your executive placements will only be filled by a worthy candidate with a proven track record or success, that can achieve the results your company deserves. Hiring the right executives is vital to a continuous, smooth workflow and productive interaction between leaders and their teams.

Our Specialised Staffing Solutions

Our staffing solutions are subdivided into major categories so that you know the exact calibre of candidate you can expect from Tower Group. They are:

Accounting and Financial Recruitment – We select skilled, numerically inclined candidates with the relevant working experience in the desired field to fill the vital role in your organisation. Hiring financial staff can be touch and go, and ads attract many unsuitable candidates who hope to ‘wing it’. With Tower Group, you can expect credible, experienced candidates.

Executive PA and Secretarial Recruitment – The best organisations in the world are just as dependant on professional, dedicated support staff as even the smallest business is. If you are looking for hard-working assistants and secretaries that are prepared to go the extra mile, we will bring them to you.

General Office Support Recruitment – Office support staff are key to keeping the day-to-day functioning of an organisation up to standard. There are many moving parts in the office department, and Tower Group have tapped into them. Hiring office support staff does not have to be like opening a lucky packet and hoping for the best…

Contact Centre Specialist Recruitment – Tower Group recruitment professionals will analyse various areas within your Contact Centre and provide the perfect fit for your inbound and outbound contact centre needs.

IT and Engineering Recruitment – Tower Group circumnavigates the skills shortage in South Africa by investing in promising individuals and putting them through comprehensive learnerships. This allows us to guarantee quality candidates for your organisation. Furthermore, Tower Group has the ability to advertise internationally, thus giving our clients the advantage of access to leading industry experts.

Medical Recruitment – Tower Group navigates the ever-challenging field of medical recruitment with its efficient staffing solutions. Our prime industry connections allow us to provide national pharmaceutical and healthcare fraternities with high-quality medical professionals.

Stay on Top of Your Hiring Efforts with Our Additional Services

Not only do we provide excellent staffing solutions to guide you through the hiring process, but we offer additional services that can secure your hiring choices and simplify your day-to-day operations.

Our Verification Services include criminal, ITC and educational verification checks that assist you in hiring only the most talented and credible individuals. No chancers or schemers can slip through our fingers! Within five working days, Tower Group can verify any candidate’s documentation and history for your security.

Our 100% accurate Payroll Services are offered both manually and automated, weekly and monthly, thus simplifying your payment process. Outsourcing payroll services is a sure way to save time and money and ensure that your temporary and permanent staff are paid on time and without error.

Further in our staffing solutions, we offer Mass Response Handling services whereby we receive the bulk response to your job advertisement and begin the long-listing process. We navigate all responses and determine which candidates should be referred to the client, meaning that you only have to deal with the applications that could enhance your business. Our turnkey solution includes the facilitation of the first and final interview.

Lastly, Tower Group’s Recruitment Advertising and Tender Advertising services allow you to expose your current vacancy to your target market and thus attract the best candidates in South Africa and abroad.

Our 38 years of success and opportunity have allowed us to develop our staffing solutions into efficient and massively effective recruitment techniques. If you would like to enquire about Tower Group’s staffing solutions, or start the hiring process for your vacancy, you can contact us today.