Our Top CV Tips: Quantify Your CV with Data

Jobseekers already understand the importance of an impeccable CV, but for those that feel like they are having less luck than others, there are some simple yet effective ways to improve your CV and get you noticed. One such factor is the need to quantify your CV, meaning you need to back up your experience and accomplishments with numerical data that fully describes the scale and range of your experience. We will show you how to do just that in the blog below…

Why You Should Quantify Your CV

Firstly, it may help to understand why a quantified CV stands out so much more to hiring managers and recruitment agents. Having real numbers included in your CV that describe the scale and range of your previous duties establishes credibility, both in your past work and in you as a person. Quantifiable data in your CV makes you appear much more professional and helps the recruiter to understand exactly how and what you did in the past.

How to Quantify Your CV with Data

Sit down with your current CV and read through it thoroughly. We advise focusing on the sections of your CV concerned with your past experience, duties, and accomplishments. Wherever you can use numbers and numerical data to describe the nature of your experience or accomplishments, do so! Start by asking yourself how many, how much, how long and how often you conducted that duty.

For example, instead of saying:
Duties included writing articles for various companies’ blog pages.

Quantify your CV by saying:
Duties included writing approximately 10 articles per week for 25 companies’ blog pages, increasing website traffic by an average of 35%.

Can you see how the second sentence explicitly describes the amount of work you completed, for the number of clients, within a relative time frame, resulting in a measurable improvement? Numbers indicate results, and results indicate you have added value by completing your tasks.

Ideas for Quantifying Your CV

If you are lacking the inspiration or are not sure where to start with quantifying your CV, then we have a few suggestions! Browse the list below for some good examples of quantifiable data you can include in your CV to appear more professional and demonstrate your capabilities more fully to a recruitment agent.

  • Number of customers you served
  • Amount of money you saved the company
  • Percentages of efficiency improvements you have achieved
  • Time frames of your accomplishments, especially exceeding deadlines
  • Awards that you have won for your work
  • Publications that have featured your work
  • Number of times you have been selected for a leadership position
  • Numbers of tasks you have done in large quantities
  • Contracts or bids you have one, deals you have closed
  • Include Rands and percentages tied to your revenue generation

In Conclusion…

When it comes to improving your CV, any bit of relevant, measurable data that you can use to back up your claims and beef up your experiences is highly beneficial. By using numerical data, you can show recruitment agents and hiring managers the exact scale and range of your experience and give them a clear picture of the value you will add to the organisation.

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