The Benefits of Outsourced Project Management

Outsourcing a project manager refers to hiring an expert, out of your organisation, in order to obtain an objective in your business. One of the most common reasons for failure in projects is poor project management.

5 Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced Project Management

At Tower Group, we believe that using in-house references does not always guarantee that your project will be a success, which is why we have compiled the top benefits of outsourcing your company’s project management to help you make a decision. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 5 top benefits that come with outsourcing your project management.

1. Cost Savings

Outsourcing a Project Manager for your organisations can often result in saving a substantial amount of money. Most project managers have already completed a series of projects; therefore, their previous projects contribute to the development of close relationships with a wide base of contractors, suppliers, workers and other utilities. It is because of their loyal relationships with important contractors that help secure competitive pricing and ultimately save you more money than you would have saved using in-house resources.


2. Increased Efficiency

Competitive pricing and cost savings don’t just ensure that the project will cost an organisation less, but the money saved due to reduced costs can be utilised and committed for additional resources with the saved money. More resources will result in a reduced overall project time- who doesn’t want to save money and time?

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is a top benefit that comes with outsourcing a Project Manager. When an organisation uses an internal, in-house, project manager they are limiting themselves to the ability and talent of their own resources. By making use of an Outsourced Project manager, an organisation is able to broaden their horizons and allow themselves to tackle a wider range of projects by utilizing the skills and talent available with external resources brought in by outsourced project manager.

4. Experience

Experience is a very important principle in any project. Outsourcing a Project Manager ensures the person put in charge has the relevant experience, has prepared and executed many projects of the same or similar description, as well as ensure only the most effective, efficient and the best practices are followed when carrying out the project management process. Experience is key, as you know that you are getting quality, tried and tested results.

5. Commitment

By making use of an outsourced project manager you are ensuring that there is always someone fully committed to the completion of the project throughout every stage of the project life cycle; from planning, right through to the final execution and delivery. Another thing to note is that an Outsourced Project Mangere is bound by contract, to deliver specific goals and objectives, within a specific time and budget. This contract protects an organisation and ensures the project will be completed on time and up to standard and, if not, the project manager will face penalties and have to compromise their paycheck.

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