The Impact of Social Media on Recruitment

We live in a post-social media world where no aspect of our lives and work is unaffected by likes, follows, shares, influencers and friends. The field of recruitment and human resources is no exception. Tower Group explains some of the ways in which social media has affected recruitment.

Targeting the Millennial Workforce Through Social Media

The majority of people now leaving the workforce are members of the generation we would call baby boomers – born between 1944 and 1964. This is a generation that spent the majority of their lives without access to the internet, smartphones and social media, only barely getting access to these technological innovations late in life.


The Benefits of Social Media in the Hiring Process

In contrast, the majority of the workforce is now made up of millennials, people who either have had access to social media for most of their lives, or were born after the advent of these technologies. These workers cannot imagine a world without social media and they use their platforms for all forms of communication, as well as business. Social media is where they go when looking for work and they will be most likely to be attracted to companies that have a strong online presence. Companies now work hard to appeal to these new talents through their social media.

1. Quicker Hiring Times

Posts advertised online tend to get a stronger response than those advertised elsewhere. Recruiters also use the platforms to narrow down their recruiting efforts, scouring through candidates’ online presence to get an idea of their appropriateness for the job. This cuts out the paperwork and background checks that used to characterise talent acquisition. Recruiters reach candidates at a faster pace and at a lower cost.

2. Targeting the Right Audience

Social media platforms enable recruiters to source talent from a smaller, targeted pool of candidates, as opposed to the wider nets that used to have to be cast to catch the right candidate. The tools available on these platforms make it possible for companies to aim only for the kind of cultural and professional demographic they would like to draw their workers from.

Team Up with Tower Group – a Recruiter That is Ahead of the Times

Social media is now an integral part of any recruitment drive. Although other methods are still used, they now operate in combination with social media. Tower Group is a seasoned recruiting company that brings its experience together with modern technology to find the best people for the job. Contact us for help finding your next key employee.