The Importance of Good Internal Communications

It’s amazing how many companies undervalue internal communication or take it for granted.

5 Business Benefits of Good Internal Comms

It’s puzzling how we came to this state of affairs since internal communications are really the lifeblood of any organisation. Keep reading the blog as we discuss five benefits of internal communication.

Benefit of Good Internal Comms #1: Keep Everyone Informed

Your company will not function well for very long if your staff are not kept informed. One department needs to know what is happening in the others in order to be a completely effective part of the whole. You need to make sure that the word gets out to everyone, in a way that keeps them engaged.

Benefit of Good Internal Comms #2: Keep People Calm in a Crisis

Communication becomes particularly important when things go badly. Don’t let hallway and water cooler gossip get the better of your staff. Communicate clearly and openly when there’s a risk that the ship might run aground. Often, even when the problem isn’t terminal, a lack of communications can blow it out of proportion. If there is downsizing or an acquisition coming, tell everyone and advise as to how it will affect them. Also make sure everyone knows how the problems will be solved and what role they will play in this.

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Benefit of Good Internal Comms #3: Let People See the Bigger Picture

When workers are confined to their own departments and workstations with little knowledge of their place in the bigger scheme of things, there motivation and productivity are bound to suffer. Make sure everyone has a good, holistic view of the entire company and their place in it.

Benefit of Good Internal Comms #4: Foster Growth & Improvement Through Feedback

Internal communications shouldn’t just run in a single direction. Just as you are open with your staff, so you should also make sure that there are clear channels for them to provide feedback, make suggestions, and lodge complaints. This feedback can only make your organisation stronger.

Benefit of Good Internal Comms #5: Develop & Entrench Your Company Culture

Whatever management has decided the company culture is, it is only through internal communications that it becomes manifest. With each memo, CEO newsletter or announcement, the company culture is being demonstrated to stakeholders in tangible ways. The more the tone and content of these messages sink in, the more everyone understands the company and its central principles.

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