The Rise of the Remote Worker

Remote working has been on the rise for several years now, and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the adoption of this methodology. Many employers have been reluctant to change over to this system of working, fearing the loss of control and oversight it might bring.

4 Business Benefits of a Remote Workforce

However, not only is it becoming more prevalent, it’s showing itself to have more benefits than had previously been realised.

Benefit of a Remote Workforce #1: Increased Employee Retention

Many companies are reporting that changing over to remote work is helping them to hold onto their most prized employees. Aside from good remuneration and benefits, employees also seek a good balance between work requirements and personal freedom. Remote work gives them that, and this leads to both increased productivity and increased retention.


Benefit of a Remote Workforce #2: A Wider Pool of Talent

As a business owner or HR manager, when you open the door to remote work, you also widen the pool of talent to which you have access. You no longer need to recruit in your local area; you can search for the perfect candidate, even if they lived on the other side of the world.

Benefit of a Remote Workforce #3: Greater Autonomy

Autonomy is one of the things that people prize most. Given the chance to meet goals and complete deliverables according to their own unique working style and in their own environment, people tend to deliver better results than when they are required to clock in and out and sit at a desk for specific periods. Despite the fear that employers feel of being unable to control workers sufficiently, they will almost always find that allowing autonomy for their employees reaps great rewards.

Benefit of a Remote Workforce #4: Lower Overheads

If a business can migrate entirely onto remote operations, they can let go of all the heavy overheads that had previously made running a company so expensive. You don’t need to pay rent or mortgage instalments for office space. You don’t have to pay for energy costs. With these fixed costs removed, you can run a much leaner operation, while still maintaining the same level of income – or even improving revenue. As costs drop and income stays the same or increase, you can naturally expect wider profit margins too.

Tower Group is Here to Help You Navigate Evolving HR Trends

Even with a complete changeover to remote work, you still need to follow a good recruitment strategy, especially as you cast your net wider than before. So you need an expert, experienced recruitment specialist on your side. Contact Tower Group for more information.