The Truth About the Recruitment Process

The recruitment industry is notoriously under fire from stressed and frustrated job seekers who feel like their hard work is going nowhere. The truth is, we understand more than anyone how desperate a long job hunt can get, and how disheartening it is when you feel unsuccessful.
But it is important that we make sure that job seekers are well-informed on the truth about the recruitment process, so that they know what to expect, and can better prepare themselves for the steps involved.

Here are some tough truths about recruitment…

The Recruiter Will Not Magically Find You A Job Tomorrow

No, sending your CV to the ‘info’ email address you found on the recruitment company’s website does not guarantee you a job. A recruitment company is scouting and scanning hundreds if not thousands of CVs per day trying to find matches to highly specific job specs from clients. They do not read your CV, then look through their vacancies to find the one for you. They do not keep your CV printed on your desk and compare you to every job spec they receive for the next three months.

They manage an extensive database and try to systematically match candidates to suitable positions. It is still your responsibility to apply to job vacancies with their company, and with others, to ensure best coverage.

Specific Vacancy Applications Are More Successful

It is proven that when you apply for a specific job vacancy seen on the recruiter’s website, you are more likely to be seriously considered, than if you simply send an impersonal CV to a random email address, with no position in mind. This is because the specific application helps to highlight certain skills the recruiter, and also indicates an active interest in your career.

You Have to Dress and Act Professionally from The Start

The recruiter acts on the behalf of the employer, so you have to dress, speak and act with them as you would in front of the person who might be signing your payslip next month. Professionalism is of utmost importance when dealing with recruitment companies, as they are your spokespeople should you be successful.

Sometimes, the Employer is Fussy

It happens: you see a job advertised online that you are perfectly qualified for, you have all the experience, you even have extras that make you highly favourable. And yet, you didn’t get an interview with the client. Or you didn’t make it past the first interview.

The truth is, most employers give an extremely specific job spec to the recruiter, sometimes and impossible combination of characteristics, and the recruiter has to match that as close as they can. Often, recruiters send candidates that are a little different, but show a lot of potential. It is not necessarily a fault of your own – sometimes, the employer just has too many hoops to jump through…

How You Treat the Receptionist Is Important

Your behaviour can be inspected from the minute you enter the parking lot. Do not compromise on your professionalism at all once you arrive at the recruiters. Your interviewer might be thinking about putting you forward, but hearing from the receptionist how rude you were, or unsmiling, or smoking in the car park when you ticked ‘Non-Smoker’ could mess with your chances. It is best to be your authentic self at all times.

You Have to Keep Trying

Like we said, sometimes it doesn’t work out, and it is not necessarily your fault. Try to have an attitude for continuous improvement, but stay positive, and keep applying for vacancies. It can be tough, but you are tougher, and you can’t succeed without first giving it a go.

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