Youth Day

As we celebrate Youth Day today, it is a good time to reflect on the contribution of our youth to various happenings or trends in society. Whether it be fashion, music, the use of technology or innovation, the impact of our youth on these is evident.

It always fascinates me how music and the use of technology are two of the most profound barometers of youth. It seems that the older we get, the more we stay the same. We tend to be less willing or able to embrace the “new.” And yet, we have to be very grateful to our youth for being willing to explore new frontiers and to break the proverbial mould.

Can you imagine if our youth were not willing to explore new things, our music and technology may have been very different today. The counter-argument could naturally be (tongue-in-cheek) that as we get older we have the scars to show how painful it can be to break barriers down. So, we celebrate the youth for not yet having the experience to make them hesitant to be pioneers.

Because books and reading is so close to my heart, I would like to challenge our youth to continue to recognise the vital role this plays in education and gaining knowledge, essential for progress. And even if the reading of a physical book is less appealing than before, perhaps this is the time for our youth to again lead the way in showing us new ways of reading to allow us to gain knowledge. If science fiction is any barometer of what awaits us, then I am looking forward to that “computer chip” implant in my brain which will allow me the opportunity to read faster than ever before by feeding the information directly into my brain.

Maybe it will even allow me to read more than one book at a time. Now there is a thought! I wish all of you a restful Youth Day. Whether you fall into any of the “youth” categories or not, use the day for reflection on the important role that our youth play in society and let’s celebrate their contribution.